The Limitless Joy of Being Yourself

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I was honored to be invited to share my thoughts on what it really means to live authentically, and it got me thinking on how best to communicate what being authentic actually feels like to me.

That led me to essentially realize that living authentically has absolutely nothing to do with thinking. Living authentically has everything to do with feeling and experiencing everything.

Being real involves finding our authentic and true selves, and once we make that connection and start to vibrate in resonance with that one true version of ourselves, we ultimately find more happiness and begin to share so much more joy in our lives.

In Kundalini Yoga, we would call our authentic self our true Sat Nam, where Sat means truth and Nam means name or identity.

Sat Nam is a mantra and a vibration, the vibration of our real true essence. Sat Nam is our greeting, Sat Nam is our hello, Sat Nam is our goodbye, Sat Nam is our blessing, Sat Nam is our devotion to the divine inside ourselves and our recognition of the divine truth in each and every person we come into contact with, Sat Nam is our authentic truth. It feels really real.

Of course, it’s an ongoing daily practice that keeps up connected to ourselves. It’s an ongoing process to stay in that space where we can be happy with ourselves, where we can observe how we feel in certain situations, where we can see what feels good, what feels positive, what feels negative, what feels the best and the worst, and so on.

We feel each situation, each circumstance, each opportunity, and the corresponding feeling tells us if the situation, circumstance or opportunity is real and for our highest good and the highest good of all.

Sat Nam is also the key that opens up the door to our vulnerability, to our wounds, to our scars, to our sadness, to our pain, and all other real feelings. The vibration of Sat Nam is also the key that heals because we begin to shed the outward projection of our ego and our personalities as we begin to project the energy of our true soul.

The energy of our true soul is healing, is always vibrating at its highest frequency, is always authentic, is always real, and what is most important, it is always available to us. The energy of our true soul truly is love.

So we begin to know this feeling when we get there — it begins to feel familiar, a barometer of what and how we are feeling. We recognize the feeling of love, and when we touch it, we experience the true feelings of our happiest selves.

When we get to this point of connection, we start to feel states of bliss, states of actual real ecstasy, and happiness at being alive.

The next phase in establishing this connection is wanting to share it with others, with our friends and family, with people in shops, in queues, at bus stops, The feeling of love becomes somewhat infectious — we want to share our happiness, and we want to encourage others to find their true selves inside and drop into that experience of authentic love there.

Our experience of our own destiny becomes stronger, our connection to love becomes stronger, and our experience of happiness becomes more profound when people finally realize that there is a god or goddess inside all of us, that there is a force, a connection to the divine that was always there, that we are always supported in the mission of finding our real authentic self and sharing that vibration.

Yogi Bhajan, the master of Kundalini Yoga, said, “Make yourself so happy that when other people see you, they become happy too.”

And for sure, the infectious joy that comes in when the penny finally drops is really strong, and this is something I am so honored to see so often as I teach Kundalini Yoga.

I am a Kundalini Yoga teacher, sometimes perhaps a Kundalini Yoga bore, but I absolutely believe that it is a super powerful tool in helping people find themselves, their true real authentic selves, and therefore finding ultimate happiness in who they are and also in what they came here to be/do.

When people are empowered to be themselves, to shine their light without limits, to feel, to connect to themselves to find happiness, then there is a softening, there is an opening, there is a joy that begins to be remembered.

Once we find that true joy, that feeling of real love, then we want to go deeper, we want to shine brighter, we want to share, we want to enjoy, we want to teach this love, we want to be this peace, we want to connect in this vibration.

More and more of us are feeling it, and more and more of us are realizing that just by being ourselves, we are changing the world.

And that’s why Kundalini Yoga is the key I want to share with you, the joy I want to experience with you as I shine the light of my soul and you shine the light of yours, so we can all begin to make the world a better place, a more real place. So we can tune into the new times and the new age where we are all committed to being ourselves and realizing the power in that.

The first step is showing up for yourself, so find yourself a Kundalini Yoga teacher and get yourself on the mat. Allow yourself the space to connect to that beautiful, most authentic version of yourself that is waiting to meet you there.

Let your soul adventures begin in that real connection to your true self.

Trish WhelanComment