Why the Age of Aquarius is more than just a cheesy 1960’s song…

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Firstly, can you tell us more about the Age of Aquarius? What does it mean and why does it matter?

The Aquarian Age is the new age and we are experiencing the phase of change as we enter into it from the old Age of Pisces.  We’ve spent the last 26000 years in the Age of Pisces, a time of patriarchal power led by masculine rules, logical thinking, structures and boundaries.  But now as we move into the Age of Aquarius we find ourselves stepping back into the matriarchal power and this is why we see the world crumbling in the way that it is.  The systems are crashing and the rules are changing as this movement takes place and the divine feminine power rises. 


This really is the golden age, but it is going to take some adjustment.

You speak about owning the rise of the divine feminine power. What does that mean?  

I guess it’s a bit watery isn’t it, ‘the rise of divine feminine power’?  Maybe we all thought it would be legions of beautiful women striding out in flowing hippy dresses made in Ibiza but it doesn’t really look like that.  Actually the divine feminine is the essence of every women and that essence is the inner Goddess.  Our work is to step back into ourselves and honour her.  It’s really about the connection to your Goddess self, to the divine inside. 


Is this what we call the rise of this connection, the rise of the Goddess?

Whether you call it Goddess, God, force, divinity, source whatever you choose, it’s the connection and expression that we’re talking about and it’s an experience that’s individual to each woman.  As each women awakens the divine feminine inside themselves we then come together and support each other to rise one by one.


What does being in your power feel like to you?

When I’m in my power I feel fearless, I feel guided by my feelings and I feel like my grace is challenged, which makes me realise so I must have some grace!  But it's been the Kundalini Yoga that’s been at the heart of this experience for me and has helped me to be in my power and honour myself and my feelings as I experience life.  I think for me it was when my mum died. The extensional crisis that arises when one loses their mother is enormous, it really made me realise, ‘Wow, you live and then you die.’  My experience was incredibly strong and I had to work on honouring my feelings during this time.  


The honouring of feelings is part of us living in our power?

Yes.  I’ve always felt like I have made my decisions based on my feelings and trusting them and that really is what I try to share as much as possible through my work and Kundalini Yoga. If you make your decisions from your feelings then you live life to our fullest potential of happiness, success and your feminine power.


How have you seen it in other women, especially through the work you do?

I think we are always challenged to rise up, to step into our destiny and I see women every day of the week stepping into their destiny. They are finding happiness within themselves, expressing themselves and living their lives exactly how they feel that they want to.  It’s a beautiful thing to see them dropping into their power and owning their grace within that.


Do you think the vision of power or the experience of it has changed over time?

Oh yes, for sure, years ago the idea of power came with yuppies and Margaret Thatcher!  Even in my old career I worked with a team of great women, all with drop top GTI’s and Armani suits and all incredibly powerful. That was my vision of what power was back then, it was really all about the huge shoulder pads. But now I see the real power is about finding yourself and finding your own connection to your SELF.  It really is about being happy with that self and being graceful as everything around that comes into your life and the yoga is an undeniable force within that experience.


I think that’s many peoples vision of female power, like a female boss climbing the career ladder but what we are talking about is different isn’t it? It’s about how women can stay truthful to themselves and honour their power in their daily experiences?

Yes, it is.  This isn’t all about women leading in business, in positions of power outwardly - although obviously that is incredible - I’m talking about the inward work.  Honouring our feelings, having boundaries, making time for self-care, space, meditation, yoga, the things that make us feel good and connected.  I want to encourage women to live within their flow, to find their steadiness and live with conscious intention.  That's when you’ll see women rising up, when the divine feminine power and grace truly come together and create something quite magical.

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How do you see your work and Kundalini Yoga supporting this rise?

The practice of Kundalini Yoga really helps us to find ourselves, inside ourselves.  It allows us to truly celebrate the essence of who we are and how we can make the world a better place by vibrating that essence.  Through Kundalini Yoga women can expect to meet themselves and to have a greater awareness of that self.  It really is an opportunity to delve inside and find what it feels like to be them.


For me this really is the potent time for women to step into their power and that’s why I have created the Wild Aquarian Women Retreat, to really honour this energy and this time.


What can the women expect to gain from the Wild Aquarian Women retreat?

They can expect to start to shed the energy and old programmes that aren’t serving them any longer, to release old blocks as they begin to replenish.  There really is a deep replenishing here within this retreat, a real time for rejuvenation.  It is a time when they will begin to honour their femininity and truly connect to the essence of it.


Coming on a retreat is an opportunity to come away from normal life so you are stimulated in a completely different way.  It gives you the space to tune into your own inspiration, connect with your breath again and heal.  It really is a whole different world up here in the hills, the space is so beautiful and so perfect for the work to take place.


Who would the retreat suit? Who would gain most from this experience?

Truly it would suit any women who has the calling to come and there will definitely be a calling.  They will feel a connection to these word and an urgency to tune into a deeper level of themselves as a women.   The space is here for them if they are ready.


"I believe woman is the door to God... Her sway and her grace is keeping the Earth in its own place” Yogi Bhajan


Feel the call? Find out more about the Wild Aquarian Woman retreat here.


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