bring it om...


Sat nam

Although I am here in gorgeous goa
on holiday

and although I was thinking the other day that I really REALLY don't want this ammmazing winter to end

and although it's just so fabulous to have all the time in the world to practice kundalini yoga gazing out to the Indian Ocean

and well, you know that luxurious feeling of having all the time in the world ....

and although it's pretty much my body weight in fresh fruit and coconuts every day

I just had THAT wave of OOOOOH M.G back, I can't wait to have the Goa band back together ... my ammmmazing team!! and to begin our Vibrate At Your Highest Frequency Retreat here in 8 days time
This week always heralds the beginning of the end of the winter for me, the end of the rejuvenation and the replenishment

wrapping up my own winter soul adventures

soul adventures in Ibiza
soul adventures in Los Angeles and New York
the buzz of being a student with some of my favourite teachers, the original students of the master
the abandon of driving through the dream landscape of the desert in California
the sound of the waves outside my window of my beach hut here in Goa
so many big god moments
I am eternally grateful
and so it begins to call
the beginning of the new season!!
the coming back "out" again
the dare I say it, "going back to work" again

OMG I feel sooooo excited for that
I feel soooo excited for all the magic that is unfolding
I am soooo READY

In just 6 weeks time it will all begin in Ibiza
and we start with that wonderful Vibrate At Your Highest Frequency week
It's a game changer
and I am endlessly humbled and in awe of what can happen in 7 days of kundalini yoga and meditation
In 7 days of gong
In 7 days of Ibiza
And this year in 7 days of looking out at THE most spectacular sea views
In 7 days of strolling 290 meters to the actual beach
In 7 days of the most exquisitely specially designed organic macrobiotic delicious cordon bleu menus
In 7 days of magic

If you get THAT feeling too
then do come and join me for soul adventures of the highest vibrations
Something very special happens
I'm excited to share it with you


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