Sun, sea and kundalini


I met Trish around 3 years ago at exactly the point I needed to. She was running a workshop in London and from the moment I sat on the mat and we began the practice, this resounding feeling of ‘this feels right’ flooded over me. Nothing dramatic or life changing, just a quiet knowing that this practise was something special and I had stumbled on something really powerful.

There began my journey with Kundalini Yoga and with Trish. Who over the years has always seemed to be there in the moment I’ve needed her most. Like a shamanic fairy godmother with swag, she appears at just the right time. With words of reassurance or suggestions of the right Kriya’s (yoga sequence) to practise to help you in the moment.

So, half a dozen workshops and a soul adventures retreat under my belt I jumped at the chance to experience ‘Vibrate At Your Highest Frequency’. This is one of Trish’s longest running retreats that launched back in 2013. You spend the week going deep into clearing energetic blocks, finishing the week energised, balanced and raring to go.

Each day is focused on one of the 7 chakras starting from the ground to the top. There’s a reason for the order without giving too much away. The lower chakras hold much denser energy, stuck thought patterns, limiting beliefs and fears. Which you have to wade through to get to get to the good stuff! Every class is curated down to a T (no pun intended) and you really feel yourself moving through each one systematically clearing yourself out.

Trish being a shamanic healer in my view gives the practise a depth you might not experience elsewhere. She tunes into the energy of the group, and holds space in a way I’ve not experienced before.

Having only found Ibiza in sobriety (thank god) - I feel the islands pull really strongly now, it’s an island of huge polarity (so Scorpio!) yet the hedonism and the holistic coexist beautifully.

As the wellbeing industry has exploded over recent years, islands like Ibiza offer the perfect space for rest, rejuvenation and for those who want to go a little deeper...a space for some seriously transformational healing (more about that later).

“I am primarily interested in actual HEALING and teaching kundalini yoga is my tool to affect the maximum healing in the shortest amount of time” Trish Whelan


Retreat Life….

So, having experienced a retreat before, I had some idea of what I was walking into. I settled into the experience quickly. Upon arrival, you’re greeted by a beaming Trish who really is in her element when delivering retreats. To say the villa is a highlight is an understatement. Split level and carved into the mountains with a variety of little break out points overlooking the most breathtaking view (and pool) - This place is paradise. If there are any first time retreat nerves this space certainly helps dissipate them fairly sharpish!


Cala Xulcar is nestled in the northern part of the island in Portinax around a 40 minute drive from the airport. A little corner of heaven just waiting to be experienced. We nicknamed it the green bubble. Because when you’re practising on the newly fitted yoga deck you are literally surrounded by luscious green trees and the ocean - it couldn’t be more perfect.

You can’t upscale intimacy…

As you move through the days something really special happens within the group, and the opportunity to share your experience from the previous day is really key. Not only does it allow you to feel your feelings it connects you to what everyone else is going through.

Practising any healing modality in a group is an incredibly powerful experience. There’s a humility and braveness in showing your vulnerability and sharing it with others. Our society tends to applaud flying solo and going it alone, when in fact there’s a lot to be said to letting the group hold you. Which ends up happening subconsciously anyway, so you don’t need to worry about it.

One of the women who came had never on retreat, by the end of the week the change in her was extraordinary. She went from being quiet and reserved to hugging, laughing, crying and connecting fully with the group (in just under a week!). She looked like a completely different woman. Glowing, smiling and with glistening eyes. This sort of thing happens in kundalini and certainly on retreat with Trish where you really start to glow. A combination of the food and the yoga, the sleep and the environment produces powerful results!

It’s all in the detail…

Because you are experiencing some pretty powerful shifts on a daily basis, every detail of comfort is considered from the John Lewis pillows to the organic body and bath oils, to the private chef who curates a menu specifically around each chakra - say what! Yes you heard me. Lucky for us we had the wonderful Justin Field  who’s menu was absolutely divine. For those of you who’ve never a predominantly eaten vegan and worry you’ll be hungry - think again! What you do get from the experience of a private chef (apart from the obvious!) is the stress of what to eat and when is taken away, giving you the opportunity to be really present all week.



Moa Organics

MOA create natural skincare products, made in England, inspired by old herbal folklore and with a sprinkling of magic! MOA products are cruelty free with carefully selected organic and botanical ingredients to improve wellbeing and to practice a simple, yet effective daily skin care ritual. Their newer range is fully vegan and totally delicious on your skin


The week flew by, we’d worked on every single chakra, clearing, shedding, healing. We laughed, we cried, and we laughed some more. Feeling totally and utterly nourished inside and out. Ready to go back into our lives, fully equipped with a set of tools to help manage the hectic pace we all run at. Up on my arrival back to the UK the amount of people that have said to me “wow, you’re glowing!” “you look amazing, what have you done” and hey, it’s not all about looking but I do feel great. Inside and out. I’m the most grounded and happy version of myself I’ve been in a long time.

So if all that doesn’t convince you to get yourself booked onto Trish’s next retreat, here’s a little ‘what to expect’ checklist to hopefully seal the deal….

What to expect

Each day is different - No class is ever the same, truly. There are 100’s of kriya’s your teacher can choose for a class. For a butterfly mind like my own this is perfect. As I can get bored quickly with the same types of routines.

(Predominantly) Vegan week - You’ll be 80% vegan all week (and you’ll love it). Trish puts as much energy and focus into having the best chefs/food on retreat as she does with the yoga. It really is out of this world and of course all the produce is freshly sourced. This is a vital part of detoxing your body alongside the yoga. You’ll never feel hungry - I can assure you of that.

Music - You practise to music. Trish’s playlist is an eclectic mix of Florence and the machine, Kundalini music and Bob Marley. It’s a total blast!

Yoga level - You don’t need to have practised before to do kundalini it is for any age and any level.

New connections - You’ll make new friends and bonds that only those on retreat truly share from going through a similar experience.

No quick fixes - Whilst the impact of Kundalini is incredibly fast, like any practise it takes discipline. It needs to be maintained, like meditation - chipping away and committing to a daily practise will give long lasting effects.

So, whether you’re looking to heal, or just to reset. Soul adventures retreats, kundalini and most importantly Trish offers the perfect space for you to do this.

Is it magic? Nope, it is so much more - it’s Kundalini…. :)



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Hasta Luego!

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