food adventures for the soul

Dreaming of being back on retreat!! 

Dreaming of the retreat culinary delights ... the food offering is SOOO STRONG here on our retreats.

So very much looking forward to the return of Mel Atkinson for SOUL MEDICINE and VIBRATE AT YOUR HIGHEST FREQUENCY in September.

Mel is a naturopath and a nutritionist and also a kundalini yoga teacher and the offerings coming from the kitchen are next level in the delicious stakes (

"Cooking for kundalini retreats at Soul Adventures with Trish is combining everything I'm passionate about. Kundalini and Nutritional Healing have transformed my life and I can now combine these healing modalities in the most amazing location. Trish and I have worked together to ensure that the food supports the deep healing that takes place on retreat. I use the best produce possible from Terra Masia local organic farm and you can literally taste the Ibizan sunshine in this food"


Our meal plans are energetically balanced based on the work of the day or week. As a digestive health expert I'm always thinking about what will support optimum digestion and therefore truly nourish our guests for their highest healing potential. I love showing people how delicious health food can be and I'm always looking to inspire guests to change up their cooking habits with my recipes. 

In November i am thrilled to have KATY JAMES back in the kitchen to present the food offering for THE WILD AQUARIAN WOMAN. 

"I’m excited and inspired to be cooking for this retreat. It’s such a wonderful environment to be around, the local produce will be delicious and being a part of such a transformation is truly uplifting and heart opening. The best place to cook from."Katy has been our chef for a few retreats this season and it has been a wonderful experience to bathe in the beautiful energy she brings to the table and each meal has been utterly divine...


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