Prayers of Golden Love

Sat nam dear friends
Sending you all so much love from Momma India
There was definitely a moment here at 4am last Sunday morning on the banks of the lake at Amritsar when the book of holy scriptures was being led in a golden carriage strewn with flowers down the path to the golden temple … there was definitely a moment the night before when the sunset sparkled there, there was definitely a moment inside in the actual Golden Temple with the sun coming up and the sky turning to pink and the ACTUAL GOLD glowing, there was definitely a moment surrounded by pilgrims kissing the ground, and the walls, the ACTUAL GOLD WALLS … there was definitely a moment which was full of the biggest kiss to all the senses, the chanting and the absolute total utter devotion and THE HIGH VIBRATIONS and there it was - the biggest God hit I ever did feel ...
Goosebumps for days, tears of gratitude, intoxicating kindness, sacred waters and thousands of people in prayer
Is a feeling word
It's powerful!

Screenshot 2019-03-03 at 21.31.23.png

Sharing that soul adventure with you all and sending you all that feeling
Now I'm back in gorgeous Goa ahead of our fourth retreat here, excited to welcome guests arriving from Norway, Turkey, England and France

8 of 10 people on the mats have all done at least one soul adventure retreat in the past so as always it feels like a family affair and we will go deep
I have been altar shopping! Garlands for days!! I cant wait!
2019 let's go!!

And I cant wait to see some of you sooo very soon in Ibiza and Ireland
Back to Ibiza just after the retreat to start the preparations to welcome you to that little paradise
Its always exciting to see what the new season will bring
Winter has taught me a few wisdoms the main one being to remember daily that all I know is that I DON’T KNOW

But I have faith and I have that feeling
I am sooo grateful that I get to share so many soul adventures with you and so honoured that I get to hold the space for so much powerful healing and deep soul experiences, so much laughter, so many tears and all that magic

And I get to be in service to you - that’s the best bit! 
And that my dear friends is why I am so full of the blessings and I'm showering them on you through the ethers
Thank you
Trish Xx

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