Demystifying Kundalini

I’m interested in the current wave of demystifying EVERYTHING.

But what actually happens if we do?

There is a mystery

There is a magic

There are forces that are out of our control

There are natural laws that operate all the time

I mean how would it be if we demystified gravity, or process of elimination in our bodies, or if we demystified sleep and what happens in those glorious hours when we leave our bodies each night – where do we go what do we do? We have NO idea but we know that when we wake up after a full and fabulous night’s sleep we feel amazing.

It’s a little bit like that with kundalini yoga

It’s a mystery and afterwards you feel amazing!

But the basic facts are that kundalini yoga works, it makes us feel fantastic, it delivers us to bliss, it allows us to heal on all levels, it empowers us, it challenges us, it allows us to confront ourselves and it cracks open the doors to happiness, to feeling fulfilled, to feeling like YOURSELF again – just like magic!

Kundalini yoga is an ancient technology which was introduced to the West by the very wise Yogi Bhajan. He’s the guy who is quoted on all the Yogi Tea bags, as that was one of his creations, along with amazing other things like International Peace Prayer Day, 3H0 the Healthy Happy Holy organisation.

Yogi Bhajan opened the Woodstock festival in 1969 with kundalini yoga because the band called The Band were somewhere lost in the roadblock and of course there were no mobile phones let alone slick festival production offices –  just 4,000 hyped hippies in a field making history!

Those were the early days when he arrived in California and offered a new way to get high to the new wave of day trippers expanding their consciousness in herbal and psychedelic ways.

Kundalini yoga make you feel high.

Each class is different and focuses on a different organ, stimulating a chakra, working on the aura , working on the feeling and each class is AN EXPERIENCE.

And these experiences we have are potent.

They allow us to affect change in our systems, to again re-connect to our soul, to calm our nervous systems, to tone our kidneys and from there we can change our worlds.

It’s that simple.

Once we look at it we see the world as FULL OF MYSTERY.

There is a magic that makes the moments from birth to death so amazing and kundalini yoga is part of that magic.

Words come short.

You need to feel the experience for yourself.

Originally appeared in Elephant Journal