Autumn Equinox & 2020 Dates ❤️

Hola dear friends,

Sending big love and all the blessings of the Autumn Equinox out to you from beautiful Ibiza.

Enjoy a moment to connect and take stock of the turning of the year and where you are and how you feel.

Time to consider our intentions now as we get ready to go inside for the winter.

Here in Ibiza we are on the third eye day of my final Vibrate At Your Highest Frequency retreat - perfect timing! And well wow I'm grateful for another fabulous week with a wonderful group of 10 souls all stepping up and sharing the magic here.

2019 you are STRONG and I'm so grateful for the opportunity to learn and to share so much with so many ... this is my 12th retreat of this year and they really do get better - thank you!

All our dates for 2020 are live now on the website, a couple are already full so if you are feeling the call you can see everything here.

We also have fancy new payment plans as I know myself from taking time to retreat that it's helpful to be able to spread the cost.

I'm thrilled to share news of returning to the magnificent highlands in Scotland in May for SCOTTISH SOUL ADVENTURES.

And suuuper excited about SOWING SOUL SEEDS - my New Years's retreat and now workshops in Dublin and London in early January .... these offerings are designed to really, REALLY prepare you for 2020 and the gateway to the Age Of Aquarius and to set you up harnessing the power of the new year for intention setting and opening up for the new flow.

Look forward to seeing some of you here and there!

Sending maximum love to you all
Soo much love from Ibiza xxx

Trish Whelan