15th - 19th July 2020


The more I work with the healing vibration of kundalini yoga,  the more I realise the absolute power of this medicine and I am honoured to share these Soul Medicine retreats with people who want to go into a deeper experience of healing the soul, re-connecting to the soul and nourishing that connection.

We heal the soul though connecting to nature, we heal the soul by being, by allowing, by feeling ….

We heal the soul by listening to that still voice of the soul within and developing that dialogue.

The experience here is to really re-connect, to plug back in, to allow in the space to NOURISH, the time to REPLENISH, the energy to OPEN, the vibration to HEAL and the frequency to ELEVATE

We go deep into exploring our connection to our purpose, our intuition, our FEELING and we have an opportunity to listen to our SOUL and our souls calling and tune into what we really have come here to express, to make manifest, to experience, to vibrate.

We reside at our beautiful Xuclar Beach House, an elegant beach house set high up in the mountain surrounded by forest and opposite the beach.  This is true Ibiza style at it finest, an authentic Ibiza experience, with incredible sunsets and many secluded spots for watching the sun go down.  Each room is named after one of the glorious local beaches along this precious northern coast of the island and each room has stunning views either out to sea or the mountains.

The menu is designed around the elements with organic, locally sourced produce as we explore the healing vibration of food as medicine.  There will be a real focus on digestive health and naturopathic principles for maximum healing benefits. Food will be organic and locally sourced where possible to limit food miles and increase nutrient content.  

Within the workshop forum we have space to dive a little deeper into the mysteries and experience other forms of meditation and shamanic practices.

As always we work in an intimate group to really facilitate going deep.

Expect big energetic shifts in the how you feel and how you connect to yourself and the magic that is life....



A Typical Day at a Soul Medicine Retreat

8am - Juice is served

9.00-10.30am - Morning Kundalini Yoga and Meditation with Gong Relaxation

11am-12pm - Brunch

12.30-2pm - Workshops including various meditations / shamanic healing techniques / energy management, general check-in and will also include introduction to some of Ibiza’s finest and most soulful medicine men and women

2pm - 6pm time for relaxation, exploring the island, treatments etc 

6.30pm - 8.00pm - Evening Kundalini Yoga and Meditation with Gong Relaxation

8.00pm - Dinner

10.00pm - Sweet Dreams

*Price includes full board and all meals for the week - flights not included.

This retreat begins with lunch at 2pm on Wednesday and completes after lunch on Sunday with departures by 3pm.



XUCLAR SUITE           

Large master bedroom with en suite bathroom

Double doors out to small terrace with stunning views out to the mountains and the sea

Wake up and see the pink horizon on the sea from your pillow

Price: €1850 single person occupancy / €1250 per person sharing



Large twin or double bedroom with beautiful mountain views situated on the top floor

Shares bathroom with Jacuzzi with one other bedroom

Price: €1500 single person occupancy / €1110 per person sharing



Beautiful room on lower ground floor with separate entrance and terrace with views out to sea

Shares bathroom with one other room

Price: €1350 single person occupancy / €1000 per person sharing



Darling double room on lower ground floor with views out to the dream garden and the sea beyond the orange trees

Shares bathroom with one other room

Price: €1200 single person occupancy

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2C8A8825 (2).jpg

MOON BEACH (TWIN)                      

Large double or twin room on top floor with stunning mountain views from your pillow

Shares bathroom with one other room

Price: €1500 single person occupancy / €1100 per person sharing





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