Soul and Body Adventures

16 – 20 OCTOBER 2019

A 5 day kundalini yoga and fitness retreat

in Ibiza

With Trish Whelan and Sarah Jenkins

Soul and Body Adventures is a new retreat presentation for 2019 from kundalini yoga teacher Trish Whelan and Personal Trainer Sarah Jenkins alongside nutritionist and naturopath Melanie Atkinson on kitchen duties.


This retreat will include a variety of training methods, high intensity to get your heart pumping and raising our metabolisms to kick start our days, strength and conditioning sessions where we sculpt and shape our bodies, burning body fat and increasing long term physical and mental health with the soundtrack of kundalini mantras LOUD in each session!


There will be deep and powerful kundalini yoga and meditation sessions each evening to align the soul to the body work in process and employing the ancient kundalini yoga technology to really clean and clear blocks in the energy field and allowing us to drop into bliss.



Together we will create this healthy lifestyle, turning your vision into your reality.

The menu is designed to really support this unique programme with incredibly healthy, organic, locally sourced goodness and a meal plan to support the training and going deep into the meditiations.

Over the last decade Sarah has been traveling the world learning and putting into practice with her clients all things related to the body and mind. She has taken the most effective and transformative training methods / coaching tools and  will be sharing it with love in our Soul & Body Adventures retreat.

Trish has been practising kundalini yoga for over a decade holds a space of true healing potential.

“It is my passion to make fitness for every body! So whether you are new to fitness and just starting out or a proficient athlete I will structure the training for you, it is never too late to start anything. The training will be challenging but fun. The atmosphere is always supportive and energetic” says Sarah

This is not a bootcamp style coaching environment, this is personalised small group intimate coaching. Learning how to train with correct form and good postural alignment, meaning faster results, really transforming the health of your body and reducing physical and psychological stress.

I also share with you myofasical release (like self massage) mobility movement patterns - improving athletic performance, lowering cortisol our stress hormone, reducing the risk of injury. Something every athlete or aspiring fitness newbee should be incorporating into their fitness lifestyle.

Join us in Ibiza for this powerful and transformative immersion into your best self in soul body and spirit and learn to create life changing results …

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